Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 26/09/2013

Knowledge: The flute is in fact the flute of knowledge(murli).

First say “Mother and Father” and after that you can say “BapDada”. In fact, Mother and Father are included in BapDada. A mother of humanity- Prajapatni (wife of the Father of Humanity) is not required because children are mouth-born.

The luckiest star of all is Jagadamba. She has been appointed the main one to look after the children. This is why the urn of knowledge has been placed on her head. This Brahma is the Brahmaputra River. He has a male form, and so Saraswati is definitely needed. It is Saraswati who is called the World Mother. Saraswati is called the goddess of knowledge. This couple is the father and child. It is said, “God is knowledge-full.” Brahma is not knowledge-full.

He is the Sun of Knowledge and it is this one (Brahma) who is the Moon of Knowledge. Then, a star is needed close to the Moon of Knowledge, one that stands alongside the moon. That star is very bright. That star is called the lucky star of knowledge and has been named Saraswati. So, Saraswati is the daughter. This one is the father as well as the largest river.

The incorporeal One is called the Mother and Father; although they say “Adam and Eve” they do not understand that Adam himself is Eve, that Prajapita Brahma himself becomes a mother. Adam and Eve are also called Adam and Bibi; Bibi is Adam. This one is called both Adam and Bibi.

Yoga: The Father’s first order is: Remember Me constantly. To make the Father belong to you means to experience your rights. Those who know the Father and make Him belong to them are great and have a right.

Dharna: Correct the things that are meaningless. In order to become free from the illness of the five vices, you must continue to take advice from the Surgeon. You souls must be careful that you do not catch any illness. Do not behave in any way against the law. Always follow the Father’s orders so that you never become eclipsed by the bad omens of Rahu. Finish dependency on the self, dependency on any relationship or connection and any dependency on matter or adverse situations. Move along-while harmonizing your sanskars and virtues with everyone.

Service: Have an interest in doing service. Become those with broad intellects and invent different ways of doing service. Earn true income and also inspire others to do so.

Points of Self Respect: Lucky Stars…ones with all rights…special souls…


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