Murli Essence – 26/09/2013

Essence: Sweet children, have an interest in doing service. Become those with broad intellects and invent different ways of doing service. Correct the things that are meaningless.

Question: In what way can souls who have become as dirty as Ajamil be cleansed?
Answer: Soak them in the Mansarovar of knowledge. All the dirt on the soul will be removed if they continue to soak in the ocean of knowledge.

Question: What is a very big sin for Brahmins?
Answer: For a Brahmin not to obey the Father’s orders is a very big sin. The Father’s first order is: Remember Me constantly. However, it is in this that children fail and Maya then makes them commit one sin or another.

Song: Leave Your throne in the sky and come down to earth.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become free from the illness of the five vices, you must continue to take advice from the Surgeon. You souls must be careful that you do not catch any illness.
2.Earn this true income and also inspire others to do so. Do not behave in any way against the law. Always follow the Father’s orders so that you never become eclipsed by the bad omens of Rahu.

Blessing: May you have all rights and with the experience of the right of the Father belonging to you, finish all dependency.

To make the Father belong to you means to experience your rights. Where there is a right, you neither have dependency on the self, dependency on any relationship or connection nor any dependency on matter or adverse situations. When all of these types of dependency finish, you then become one with all rights. Those who know the Father and make Him belong to them are great and have a right.

Slogan: To move along-while harmonizing your sanskars and virtues with everyone is the speciality of special souls.


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