Murli Essence – 24/09/2013

Essence: Sweet children, if you make a mistake, do not hide it from the Father. By continuing to hide It you will hide yourself.

Question: On what basis does the Father, who reforms that which has become spoilt, reform everything ?

Answer: On the basis of purity. You children know the Father comes to reform that which has been spoilt. There are many quarrels over purity. Innocent ones have to tolerate being assaulted. You cannot become a deity without becoming pure. In order to change Bharat from a shell to a diamond, to change this land of sorrow into the land of happiness, to change the old into the new, you definitely have to become pure. You children help the Father in this respect. This is why, along With the Father, you children are also worshipped.

Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord.

Essence for dharna:
1. Make your heart clean inside and out and thereby please the Lord, your Father. In order to be protected from being eclipsed by Maya, tell the Father everything with honesty.
2. Become complete conquerors of attachment and don’t be pulled in the slightest way to any bodily beings. Make full effort to break body consciousness.

Blessing: May you be an elevated magician who ties in bondage with the magic of love the One Who is free from bondage.

You children are even greater magicians than the Father. You have such magic of love that you tie in bondage the One Who is free from bondage. The Father too cannot think of anyone except you children. He constantly remembers you children. You call the Father to eat with you so many times. When you eat, walk around or sleep, you do that with the Father. Whenever you do any work, you say: It is Your work. You make us do it and we just use our hands as instruments. Then you give the burden of those actions to the Father and so you are elevated magicians, are you not?

Slogan: Those who change adverse situations with the power of their own original stage can never be distressed.


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