Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 23/09/2013

Knowledge: The company of the Truth takes you across and bad company drowns you. Only the One Father is the Truth. There is only one Ram. There are many devotees, but only one God. The copper and iron ages are called the period of the activity of devotion. The golden and silver ages are called the period of the activity of knowledge.

This drama is predestined. Everyone has his own imperishable part within that can never be erased. You will continue to experience 84 births. The cycle has no beginning or end. The question “When did the drama begin?” can never arise; it doesn’t have a beginning or an end.

Yoga: There is only the one company of the Truth through which you attain salvation; your soul becomes pure. To experience the corporeal form in the subtle form is the practical form of the love of the intellect. This is also proof of the wonder of the intellect. Such children are the beloved children who are close to the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, and who constantly have the song playing in their hearts “Wah my Baba! Wah!”

Dharna: Become pure from impure and return home. Make effort according to God’s shrimat. Become elevated by following shrimat. Become deities from ordinary human beings. Make effort to go to the the kingdom in the sun dynasty. Become a renunciate soul and have success merged in every action and step.
Imbibe divine virtues and transform your own life. Stay in the true company of the one true Father. Study this knowledge very well to become deities from human beings and claim your unlimited inheritance.

Service: In order to go to the land of truth, remain true to the true Father and do true service.

Points of Self Respect: Brides…Sita….trikaldarshi…the masters of heaven…deities…all round hero actors…emperors and empresses of the globe…beloved…


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