Murli Essence – 22/09/2013

22/09/13                                  Avyakt BapDada    Madhuban                 05/05/77

Qualifications of souls who are bestowers of blessings, great donors and donors.

Blessing: May you be a true moth and surrender yourself to the Flame by finishing all spinning with remembrance and service.

Children who remain constantly busy in remembrance and service become free from all other types of spinning. If any type of spinning is left, you will end up continually spinning – sometimes the spinning of your relationships and sometimes the spinning of your nature and sanskars. All this wasteful spinning willonly finish when you have nothing except the Flame in your intellect. Those who surrender themselves to the Flame become equal to the Flame. Only thosewho surrender themselves in this way, that is, only those who surrender themselves to the Flame are true moths.

Slogan: Souls who are like iron become gold in the company of those who have become true alchemists.


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