Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 17/09/2013

Knowledge: The Father, the living Seed of the human world tree, says: I have all the knowledge in Me. If some say that they are at 100% rest, there is no such thing. In heaven there is 100% purity, happiness and peace. They take a rest in the land of nirvana where there is no part to play.

Bharat is called completely righteous. It is in Bharat that they make donations and perform charity. It is now that you have the part of being trikaldarshi. It is only you who have the main part of hero and heroine.

Yoga: Baba says: To have thoughts of leaving the Father, that is, of divorcing the Father is a sinful thought. It is a sin to have such a thought. Surrender everything to the Father with honesty and transfer it to the new world. Those who belong to the Father will become the masters of heaven.

Dharna: Become a trustee for as long as you live.Take shrimat from the Father at every step. Never sulk with shrimat and follow the dictates of your own mind. Become diamonds from shells, pure from impure. Not to study means to become tired. To the extent that someone imbibes knowledge, so he accordingly claims a status. Sit on the throne of humility and adopt the crown of responsibility.

Service: Become a complete donor.

Points of Self Respect: The mouth-born creations of Brahma…trikaldarshi…heroes and heroines…the masters of heaven…imperishable charitable souls…the travelers of the night…


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