Murli Essence – 17/09/2013

Essence: Sweet children, as long as souls are playing their parts they cannot take 100% rest. They take a rest in the land of nirvana where there is no part to play.

Question: What thoughts do children who become tired of studying have which then become sinful thoughts?

Answer: They have thoughts of leaving the Father, that is, of divorcing the Father. Baba says: To have this thought is a sinful thought. It is a sin to have such a thought. Not to study means to become tired. Such children spoil their income. If you sulk with the Mother and Father due to any situation, you lose the sovereignty of 21 births.

Song: People of today are in darkness.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become a complete donor. Surrender everything to the Father with honesty and transfer it to the new world.
2. Become a trustee for as long as you live.Take shrimat from the Father at every step. Never sulk with shrimat and follow the dictates of your own mind.
Blessing: May you be a courageous soul who makes Maya lose courage through your courageous thoughts.

Children who have one strength and one faith एक बल एक भरोसे and have the courageous thoughts that they are definitely going to be victorious experience the Father’s help constantly through their courage. With their courage, they become worthy of receiving help. Maya loses courages in front of their courageous thoughts. Those who have weak thoughts of not knowing whether something will happen or not, or whether they will be able to do something or not, invoke Maya through such thoughts. So always have thoughts filled with zeal, enthusiasm and courage and you will then be said to be a courageous soul.

Slogan: To sit on the throne of humility and adopt the crown of responsibility is greatness.


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