Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 16/09/2013

Knowledge: The Father sits and explains the philosophy of action, neutral actions and sinful actions. This knowledge is a source of income. The more you study, the more income you get from the knowledge.

The great world war is remembered. It is said that the poet Girdhar said this. However, it is Krishna whom they refer to as Girdhar. Who is that poet? It is Shiv Baba who is called the Poet. A poet is someone who narrates something to you.

You Brahmins are the servants of this yagya. Annihilation can never take place. Therefore, the world history and geography repeat. You receive unlimited knowledge from the unlimited Father and you also receive an unlimited inheritance.

Yoga: The soul is imperishable. When you have yoga, it is as though oil is being poured into the soul. The lamp of the soul is not completely extinguished but you now have to add more oil of the power of yoga. Then, there will forever be the festival of lights (Deepmala); a light in every home in the golden age.

Dharna: Your head should be constantly filled with happiness. The Father says, at this time give whatever rubbish you have to Me. Before you die transfer everything you have and you will receive the return of that in the future. By following the elevated directions of Shri, Shri we will become elevated and then become beads of the rosary of Rudra. In order to become free from all worry, become knowledge-full like the Father. Continually churn this knowledge in your intellect.

Service: Do spiritual service and create your future reward.

Points of Self Respect: Master knowledge-full…actors…spiritual children…servants of the sacrificial fire…the true mouth-born creations of Brahma…


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