Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 13/09/2013

Knowledge: The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, resides in the land of peace. We are also residents of the land of peace. Your original religion is peace. Originally, you are residents of that place, and you come here to play your parts. The soul knows his original religion. At night, when souls become tired, they become bodiless and peaceful.

Yoga: The Father says; remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. You have to connect the yoga of your intellect with the Father very well. When you have yoga, you go into the stage of ascent. When you don’t have yoga, you remain in the stage of descent. Become a spiritual guide and go on the true pilgrimage and also enable others to do so.

Dharna: Follow the Father’s shrimat. If you make a mistake, you should have the manners to ask the Father to forgive you. You should say to the Father: I am sorry. Severe punishment for any bad deed has to be endured here. This is why you have to make effort to reach your karmateet stage. Keep the combined form in your awareness.

Remain true to the Father. Never consider yourself to be very clever. Renounce worshipping and become worthy of worship again. Become 16 celestial degrees full. Hand everything over to the Father while you are alive so that it can be used in a worthwhile way. Be very cautious of bad company. Become obedient, faithful and serviceable.

Service: You should be interested in doing service through your thoughts, words and deeds. If not through your thoughts, then serve through your words or deeds. You should keep yourself busy in one type of service or another and you will receive the return of that. Those who act without being asked are called deities. Those who act after being told are human beings. Then, if they don’t act even after being told, they are completely useless. The more service you do, the more the reward you will receive.


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