Murli Essence – 14/09/2013

Essence: Sweet children, be very cautious of bad company, because you perform wrong actions by keeping bad company and you forget to remember the Father.

Question: On the basis of which manners can you children make your stage progress?

Answer: If you ever make a mistake, you should have the manners to ask the Father to forgive you. You should say to the Father: / am sorry. There should not be the slightest trace of body consciousness in this. It is through this that your stage will continue to progress. The basis of the stage of ascent is to keep your heart honest with the Father. Never consider yourself to be very clever. Everyone makes mistakes because, as yet, no one has become complete.

Song: We have to follow the path where we may fall and we therefore have to be cautious.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become a spiritual guide and go on the true pilgrimage and also enable others to do so. Be
very cautious about where your intellect’s yoga is linked. Take great care of yourself.
2. Remain true to the Father. Make effort to become karmateet. Hand everything over to the
Father while you are alive so that it can be used in a worthwhile way.

Blessing: May you be a powerful soul who finishes the seed of obstacles with the awareness of Karankaravanhar.

The seed of all types of obstacles is in two words: Abhiman (arrogance,ego) and apman (insult). On the field of service, there is either the arrogance “1 did this, I alone can do this” or ‘”Why am I not put in the front? Why am I being told this? This is an insult to me.” This feeling comes in the various form of obstacles. Since you are a Godly helper and the Father is Karankaravanhar, how can there be arrogance or insult? Therefore, with the awareness of the combined form, become a powerful soul and the seed of obstacles will be finished for all time.

Slogan: In order to be an embodiment of knowledge, let there be equal love for the Father and the study.


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