Murli Essence – 08/09/2013

The basis for the stage of the highest authority is the awareness of your combined form.

Blessing: May you be an image that attracts and makes your home into a temple by transforming the lokik into alokik.*

While living in your household, make the atmosphere of your home such that it isn’t lokik. Anyone who comes there should experience it to be alokik, not lokik, that it is not an ordinary home but a temple. This is the practical form of the service of those who live in a pure household. The place should do service and the atmosphere should also serve. Just as the atmosphere of a temple attracts everyone, in the same Way, there should automatically be the fragrance of purity spreading everywhere from your home which will attract everyone.

Slogan: Make your mind and intellect concentrated with determination and burn all weaknesses. Only then would you be called a true yogi.

(* Lokik – worldly, ordinary, of this World, mundane. Alokik – spiritual, subtle, out of this World, unique )


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