Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 07/09/2013

Knowledge: We are souls, playing an imperishable part with this body. Baba has come to take us back, like he did a cycle ago. He has come to establish the Kingdom of Rama and to destroy the Kingdom of Ravan. He is the one who establishes peace, and so He takes so many souls back. Fertilizer will be needed for the new world. This is why all human beings and animals etc. will be destroyed and turned into fertilizer. Then the earth in the golden age will produce very good fruit. This is Raj Yoga. These things are not written in the scriptures.

Yoga: Finish the burden of sin with remembrance. Remove attachment of the body. If you remember the One, then you will receive an inheritance. You will become pure if you consider yourself to be bodiless, and forget the consciousness and the relationships of the body. Remember Me, the Father, then your sins will be absolved.

You must make effort of being soul conscious in order to make the soul unadulterated. Even while in the body, consider yourself to be a soul and have yoga with the Father. The Father says, connect the yoga of your intellect with Me, or else Maya, the Genie, will eat you up. Consider yourself to be a soul and forget the consciousness of the body. Sanyasi means to have renunciation of everything including the body. Just consider yourself to be a soul. If, after staying in remembrance and trying to remove your attachment, some attachment still remains at the end, you will not be able to claim any fortune of the kingdom. It takes effort to become a master of the world.

Have the determination that you are a soul and remember the Father. Yes, you have to work for your livelihood. You are karmayogis, so you need to work for 8 hours to make a living.

Dharna: Baba makes us deities with knowledge and the power of yoga. Work for your livelihood and use eight hours a day for your own effort. Just think: I now belong to Baba. This body is old; you have to break all attachment to it.

Baba says: Now remember Me; become trustees and follow My shrimat. The more you follow shrimat, the more elevated you will become. You understand that you are being made into Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan by Shri Shri (doubly-elevated One). The sun and moon dynasty kingdoms of 21 births are now being created. Continue to take advice for every situation.

Become far-sighted and settle all your karmic bondage accounts. If you have any debts in your karmic accounts, settle them and become light and you will become an heir.

Become a karma yogi and together with that, use eight hours a day for your own effort. Definitely put an end to the attachment you have for anyone.

Make your eternal sanskars emerge, that is, remain stable in your angelic form; this is called easy effort. When you become a flying bird, the situations will remain down below and you will go up above.

Service: To consider there to be benefit at every step and to donate the power of silence to every soul is true service. Those who are the Father’s helpers, receive a peace prize.

Points of Self Respect: Masters of the world…ones with a far-sighted intellect…deities…karmayogis…flying birds…


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