Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 27/08/2013

Slogan: Those who uplift others become instruments to bring about world transformation through self-transformation.

Whatever thoughts I have, whatever attitude I have, the same vibrations will spread into the atmosphere and into numerous souls… We, the souls, finish waste and the burden of sins though the power of yoga, and find solutions for reasons and excuses… we are the world transformers, and the world benefactors who, with pure thinking, pure words, pure actions, pure thoughts, pure feelings and pure wishes for all, and with a powerful attitude spread pure vibrations in the atmosphere and the environment and bring about transformation…

We are active, alert and attentive…we are the highest among human beings, igniting the flames of destruction and transforming the elements… instead of waiting, we become conscious and make preparations with full force…

We are world transformers with feelings of mercy, feelings of world benefit, and good wishes and pure feelings in our hearts to liberate all souls from their sorrow…

We are light in our relationships, connection and stage… we fly and enable others to fly on the wings of zeal, enthusiasm and courage… by being a child sometimes and a master sometimes, we finish our burdens…by leaving our burdens and becoming a point we become light… by converting “mine” to “Yours”, by going up and down the ladder of being a child and a master we become double light… By transforming negative to positive, we become world transformers….

With imperishable and elevated fortunes, we are the direct children of the Father who changes the lines of fortune, follow the Father in every thought word and deed…our every thought is filled with service for world benefit, our every word is constructive, filled with humility and greatness… in our awareness, we have intoxication of being the unlimited masters of the world on one hand, and on the other hand we are world servers…on one hand we have intoxication of all rights, and on the other hand, we are respectful to all, and like the Father, bestowers and bestowers of blessings…we are the most elevated fortunate world benefactors who, by having the characteristics of a constant yogi, with good wishes, make others move ahead of ourselves…


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