Murli Essence – 27/08/2013

Essence: Sweet children, this old world is to turn to dust and become completely useless. Therefore, remove your intellect’s yoga from the world that is going to turn to dust.

Question: What desire do people have that only the one Father can fulfil?

Answer: People desire peace, but they don’t know who made them peaceless. You tell them that the five vices have made them peaceless. When there was purity in Bharat, there was peace. The Father is now once again establishing the pure family household path where there will be peace, happiness, everything. No one except the Father can show the path to liberation and liberation-in-life.

Song: Take us away from this world of sin to a place of rest and comfort.

Essence for dharna:
1. Keep the secret of the unlimited drama in your intellect and make the lesson of ‘nothing new’ firm. Stay beyond sound and go into the stage of retirement.
2. In order to conquer Maya, the enemy, take power from the Almighty Authority Father. Give the eye of knowledge to souls who don’t have the eye of knowledge.

Blessing: May you become a spiritual rose and as an image of attraction spread the fragrance of spirituality.

Always have the awareness that you are the spiritual roses of God’s garden. A spiritual rose means one who never distances the self from spirituality. Just as flowers are filled with fragrance, in the same way, all of you should be filled with the fragrance of spirituality such that it automatically continues to spread everywhere and attracts everyone towards you. You now become so fragrant and such images of attraction that people spread the fragrance of incense in temples as your memorial.

Slogan: Those who uplift others become instruments to bring about world transformation through self-transformation.


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