Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 24/08/2013

Knowledge Points: Devotion and knowledge are half and half. Devotion is the night and knowledge is the day.Knowledge is your source of income. You also receive knowledge first.

You have had 84 corporeal fathers. You are the children of the incorporeal Father. You souls are residents of the land of nirvana, the land of peace, where everyone resides with the Father. That is called the world of souls. You souls reside there and the Father also resides there.

You understand that, according to the law, everyone has to become tamopradhan. Then, only when the Father comes can He make everyone satopradhan. At first, both the soul and the body were satopradhan. Then the soul went through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. At first it was golden, and then it went through the stages of silver, copper and iron. In the golden age, no one remembers the Father; their intellects are already down here.

The Father explains: You souls have now become impure and the gold has become tarnished. You have become ugly and impure. At first, you souls were pure and you had pure bodies.

Shiva is above Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. That is the creation and their Creator is Shiva. He is carrying out establishment through Brahma. The Father says: I take support of the body of Brahma. I ride in the lucky chariot.

You cannot receive an inheritance from Shiv Baba until you become Brahmins. Shudras cannot claim an inheritance. Rudra Shiv Baba has created this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra in which the horse is sacrificed to attain self-sovereignty. (Rajasv Ashvamedh Avinashi Rudra Gita Gyan Yagya). In the golden age, deities never create sacrificial fires.

The Father explains: All of you are Parvatis. Shiva, the Lord of Immortality, is telling you the story. There isn’t just one Arjuna; all of you are Arjunas. All of you are Draupadis. It is Dushashan who strips women. This is why they call out: Baba, protect us! It is shown that when Draupadi was going to be stripped, Shri Krishna provided her with 21 sarees. The meaning of it is that the Father protects you from being stripped and you are thus never stripped for 21 births.

Yoga Points: Continue to say “Baba! “Baba!” internally. While living at home with your family, remember the Father.

Dharna Points: Become fragrant flowers like Shri Krishna. Become deities with divine virtues and the masters of an elevated heaven.

Service Points: When you meet anyone, you should tell him: There are two fathers: the lokik father and the parlokik Father. Everyone remembers the parlokik Father when they experience sorrow. That Father has now come.

Points of Self Respect: Fragrant flowers, Sweet children, masters of heaven.

Slogan: Step away from all situations with your stage of being beyond and you will experience the support of the one Father.

We, the souls, the complete and perfect Raj Rishis, do not have any attachment to any person or object of the old world…we consider ourselves to have stepped away from the iron-aged world to be confluence-aged…we see the impure souls of the entire world with the vision of mercy and benevolence…we experience ourselves to be servers, same as the Father…we experience ourselves to be victorious in every situation and test…we perform every deed considering the right to victory to be our birthright…we experience ourselves to be sitting on the Trimurti throne… by performing every deed in the trikaldarshi awareness, and by knowing the three aspects of time for every deed, we make every deed an elevated deed and a pure deed….we experience our account of sin to be finished…we experience every task and every thought to be already accomplished…we experience ourselves to be beyond old sanskars and nature… we experience ourselves to be set on the seat of a detached observer…


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