Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 23/08/2013

Knowledge Points: Baba continues to give you children very good points. You have to have the faith that it is Baba who is saying these things.

In the golden age, you will have the full knowledge that you are a soul and that you have to shed your old costume and take a new one. You also receive a vision at that time.

Yoga Points: The Father says: Consider yourself to be a bodiless soul and remember Me. Let your intellect’s yoga be connected to the One. You belong to Shiv Baba and He is making you clean and pure. You have to remove the vices from within you. With the power of yoga, you make your soul pure and receive power from the Almighty Authority. This is a furnace (bhatthi). Have total regard for the Father. You cannot purify yourselves or Bharat without yoga.

You do not have to say anything through your lips; just constantly remember the one unlimited parlokik Father with a true heart. The Lord is pleased with those who have honest hearts. (sachche dil par sahib raazi) Remembrance means to remember the Father internally. Chant the name of the Lord. (Jap sahib ko) To chant does not mean that you have to continue to say something. It is just as a lover and beloved love each other. As He is our Beloved, He would then remain with us.

Create a method to keep the Father with you. Stay in remembrance at meal times. Make the soul beautiful by forging a connection with the Beautiful One. The one Traveller makes multimillions beautiful. Very good yoga is needed in order for ugly souls to be made beautiful.

If your intellects wander elsewhere your remembrance becomes adulterated. Then, neither will you be able to do service nor will you claim a high status. Alloy can only be removed with the fire of yoga. If you have yoga, knowledge will also remain in your intellects. The more rup (the embodiment of yoga) you children become, the more you will be able to imbibe knowledge.

Remain in silence and remember the Father. By remembering the Father, you will become pure and will receive a holy crown (crown of light) and by knowing the cycle of the world you will receive a crown studded with jewels. You will become those with double crowns. It is through remembrance that your sins will be absolved.

By remembering Him, you will become complete conquerors of sin. Remember Baba and spin the discus of self-realisation. It is at the end that you become complete spinners of the discus of self-realisation, numberwise

Dharna Points: The best manners are to remain constantly cheerful. Deities always remain cheerful; they never laugh loudly (khilkhilaakar).To laugh loudly is also a vice.You children should remain in the incognito happiness of remembrance. The sanskar of familiarity also causes a great deal of damage. In order to be successful in service, you need to have an attitude that is free from attraction. There should not be the slightest odour of being trapped by anyone’s name or form. You need to have a very clean intellect.Your face remains cheerful when you have imbibed these things and you do service and make others similar to yourself.

Adopt an attitude of unlimited disinterest. No matter how good some child may be, you mustn’t become trapped in his name or form.

Remain cautious. You get caught up in the web of Maya and yet you don’t even understand. That destiny will not leave you. You destroy your own status.

Service Points: You have to make others similar to yourself. It is very easy to explain to others. You children do service in order to transform thorns into buds.

Points of Self Respect: Shaktis, master of the world, good flowers, carefree emperor.

Slogan: In order to step away from all your weaknesses, adopt an attitude of unlimited disinterest.

Knowledge, devotion, disinterest… For half the cycle there is knowledge, for half the cycle there is devotion and when the world becomes old, there is disinterest…

We, the souls, are the lovely children in the lovely gathering of the lovely Father, with deep love on one side and unlimited disinterest on the other side…we are merged in the Father’s love, prepare the ground to create a gathering of those with unlimited disinterest, and emerge the sanskars of disinterest in other souls through our vibrations and atmosphere…

By having unlimited disinterest, by being totally detached, we attain the fortune of a kingdom, are loved by all and have all rights…by ruling over our physical senses at present and becoming a self-sovereign, we have double kingdoms in the future, that is, rule over the self and the world…we are Raj Rishis, who keep a balance of the intoxication of having a kingdom and unlimited disinterest…we see our fortune along with our renunciation very clearly, we see our goal of the perfect stage along with our intoxication very clearly, and see the signs of the complete stage within us very clearly…

I belong to the one Father and none other…We, the souls, fulfilling the first promise, are the instruments for world benefit…we are worthy of worship and worthy of praise…. we have permanent disinterest, that is, we have renunciation and tapasya…by becoming pure, holy and supremely worthy of worship, we swing in the swing of super sensuous joy…with the specialty of complete purity and the power to transform, we become special souls in service, love and co-operation…


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