Murli Essence – 23/08/2013

Essence: Sweet children, you do not have to say anything through your lips; just constantly remember the one Father with a true heart. The Lord is pleased with those who have honest hearts.

Question: Which manners are the best? Which divine manners do you have to imbibe?

Answer: The best manners are to remain constantly cheerful. Deities always remain cheerful; they never laugh loudly. To laugh loudly is also a vice. You children should remain in the incognito happiness of remembrance. The sanskar of familiarity also causes a great deal of damage. In order to be successful in service, you need to have an attitude that is free from attraction. There should not be the slightest odour of being trapped by anyone’s name or form. You need to have a very clean intellect. Your face remains cheerful when you have imbibed these things and you do service and make others similar to yourself.

Song: Neither will He be separated from us, nor will we experience sorrow.

Essence for dharna:
1. Create a method to keep the Father with you. Stay in remembrance at meal times. Practise becoming bodiless! Do not love your old body.
2. Have total regard for the Father. Don’t be arrogant! Always stay far away from the sickness of becoming trapped in someone’s name and form. Stay intoxicated with gyan and yoga.

Blessing: May you be carefree with faith in the intellect and become a constantly carefree emperor with the awareness of Karavanhar (One who inspires others).
Brahmin life means to be a carefree emperor. Brahma Baba became a carefree emperor and so always sang this song: I have attained that which I wanted to attain, what else now remains? Whatever work of service remains to be done, even that is being inspired by Karavanhar and He will continue to inspire. Always have the awareness that the Father, as Karavanhar, is getting everything done through us and you will then remain carefree. You have the faith that this work definitely has to happen and is in fact already guaranteed. Therefore, have faith in the intellect and remain carefree with no worries.

Slogan: In order to step away from all your weaknesses, adopt an attitude of unlimited disinterest.


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