Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 22/08/2013

Knowledge Points: You are studying Raja Yoga with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. You are now claiming so much inheritance from the Father and performing such actions that you continue to receive the fruit of that for 21 births. You are not concerned about your sons and grandsons. All of them also claim their inheritance here.

The soul then comes and wears a new costume and plays his part. He will change from an ordinary man into Narayan. This is in the intellects of you children, numberwise, according to the effort you make. This knowledge will then disappear.

All the secrets of the drama, from the beginning to the end, are in the intellects of you children. All of you are studying in the one class, but you are numberwise.

The sign of failing is to become part of the moon dynasty. Rama has been given the symbol of a warrior.

If children cause mischief at home or are disobedient, they are called cremators. To cause mischief means to be disobedient.

There is extreme darkness now. The night of Brahmins has now come to an end and Baba has come. All of you are Sitas. You are sitting in Ravan’s cottage of sorrow.(shok vaatika)

They portray the ornaments on Vishnu, but, in fact, Vishnu doesn’t have those ornaments. Neither Vishnu nor Lakshmi and Narayan have the conch shell. You have the conch shell, so the ornaments surely have to be given to Brahmins.

Yoga Points: We Brahmins are the spinners of the discus of self-realisation.

Dharna Points: Become those who have a far-sighted and broad, unlimited intellects (dooraandeshi and vishaal buddhi).Don’t cause any disturbance in Shiv Baba’s task. Those who cause a disturbance cannot receive a high status

The time now is very good for making effort. You know that you have to drink the nectar of knowledge while you are alive, that is, you have to continue to study.

Have the faith that the Father is the Almighty Authority and that you are a master almighty authority. Have faith the Father, in the self and the drama.

Service Points: Use your time in a worthwhile way for service. Surrender your body, mind and wealth and continue to study for as long as you live. Sustain one another with knowledge. Don’t perform any task through which you would be disobeying the Father.

Points of Self Respect: Children of the unlimited Father, mouth-born creation of Brahma, the gopes and gopis of Gopi Vallabh, masters of heaven, brides of the one Bridegroom, stick for the blind, Sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found spinners of the discus of self-realisation, Shaktis, victorious jewel, angel.

Slogan: A flying bird is one who remains free from all relationships of the body and makes effort to become an angel.

We, the souls, are the heroes and heroines of the unlimited drama, who remain within the light of the angelic form, and constantly remain stable in the angelic stage… we are the alokik angels who perform every act in the light of the avyakt stage and look like the residents of the subtle region instead of corporeal beings…

We perform every task by stabilizing ourselves in the form of an angel, like Brahma Baba…by keeping our thoughts, attitude and vision double light, we become the walking and moving angels sparkling like diamonds…by keeping our form of an angel in our awareness every day at amritvela, we swing in Brahma Baba’s arms in super sensuous joy, and get big-big hugs…we become victorious by remaining safe in the canopy of protection of the Father in any adverse situation…

We are the most expensive and valuable, priceless and invaluable, flawless and colourful sparkling real diamonds… while walking and moving around in our angelic form, we spread the rays of the eight powers and give the experiences of these powers to others…with firm faith, we face the opposition of the five elements and of other souls during upheavals, with the power to accommodate…we are the conquerors of Maya and the conquerors of the fortune of the world who remain busy in the remembrance of the Father and service …

We are the avyakt angels with a crown of light around, constantly cheerful and constantly beyond all limited attractions, and light houses and might houses …we are full of all divine virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full and completely vice less…instead of opposition, we are set in the stage of our position and have transferred ourselves from the old world and become transparent… we have become a practical form of all the four subjects, and have given the return of the sustenance and study received from BapDada in the corporeal, subtle and the incorporeal forms…we have become an embodiment of the promises made from the beginning up till now, and taken benefit from the rules…by having every thought and taking every step that is the highest and the most elevated and alokik, and by being beyond waste, we become the highest of humans… by neither causing pain to any soul nor experiencing any pain even in our thoughts, we become completely non-violent…by realizing ourselves we reveal the powers within ourselves, and become carefree angels who constantly have good wishes for others…


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