Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 19/08/2013

Knowledge Points: Shiv Baba, the unlimited Father, comes and gives you true self-sovereignty…

The Father Himself says: Children, make a promise to Me and you will then claim self- sovereignty. Baba Himself puts the tilak of self-sovereignty on you. Baba also grants children visions.

This Father Himself comes and cleans you souls with the nectar of knowledge. (gyan amrit) The nectar of knowledge is not water…

After Dashera, that is, after destruction, Deepavali will come. There will be heaven in every home. (ghar ghar men swarg hoga)…

While you are accumulating, your kingdom will be created.

I have now come directly and I give you the donation of these imperishable jewels of knowledge. You then donate these to others.

Yoga Points: You definitely have to remember the Father. It is through remembrance of the Father that you accumulate.

Dharna Points: Apply knowledge like sandalwood (create the fragrance) according to shrimat and become pure. Make a promise to remain pure and you will receive the tilak of the sun-dynasty kingdom…

Conquer lust, your greatest enemy, that is, conquer Maya, Ravan. You have to make effort for this… While living at home with your family, you have to remain as pure as a lotus flower.

You are now receiving the self-sovereignty of happiness and peace. Therefore, you have to become a child of the Father and follow His shrimat. At the time of studying you have to pay full attention to the study. At the time of studying, you don’t speak of wasteful matters. ..

You make a promise in your heart: Baba, now that You have come, I will be Your worthy child. I will remain pure and claim my inheritance from You. It is now the time of settlement for all. You have to settle all the accounts of sin and accumulate an account of charity…

Service Points: You children now have to study and teach others. You can tell the life story of Shiv Baba, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar and Lakshmi and Narayan. The more you donate the eternal jewels of knowledge, the more you will be able to accumulate. The more service you do, the more you will accumulate.

Points of Self Respect: masters of heaven, master trikaldarshi

Blessing: May you be a master trikaldarshi who becomes a conqueror of Maya by knowing the past, present and future.

Those who accept success disregard God’s miracles…We, the souls, do not accept any position or any object from any person…we do not accept any success that we have achieved through knowledge and yoga in the form of regard and honour…we become the embodiments of renunciation by renouncing praise, renouncing respect, renouncing nature, the servant and by using the right methods…by not having the thought of accepting success, by staying in the love of the one Father, we become the constant embodiments of tapasya … by performing every action in a trikaldarshi stage, by putting less effort and achieving greater success, by being perfect in all subjects, by making dust gold, we become the servers who are embodiments of success…

We, the souls, the subtle stars, filled with the part of 84 births, reside in the middle of the forehead…we are the unlimited children of the Unlimited Father, the unlimited actors of the unlimited drama, claiming a right to the unlimited inheritance…by knowing that the night and the day of Brahma are equal, by knowing the unlimited matters and the beginning, the middle and the end of the unlimited drama, we become trikaldarshi… we are the raj yogis and the raj rishis who study in the unlimited school of raj yoga, explain the knowledge to others for seven days, and make them Brahmins, the mouth-born creations of Brahma, the Brahmakumars and kumaris of the clan of Shiva…

We, the fortunate souls, study from God Himself…with determined faith, and under any circumstance, we listen to the murli with full attention every day either in class or at home regularly and punctually, and write down the murli points….. we study Raj Yoga from the Bestower of divine vision, and go from the depths of darkness to intense light… we know the Creator and the creation…by being trinetri and knowing the three aspects of time, the beginning (golden age), the middle (the copper age), and the end (the iron age), by knowing the three worlds, the corporeal world, the subtle world and the incorporeal world, we become trikaldarshi and trilokinath…


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