Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 18/08/2013

1. We, the elevated souls, listen, merge and become equal…by being stabilized in our form, we give experience of every virtue and task…we are the Brahmins with a divine and alokik birth claiming all rights…we stay within the support of all attainments from the Father, follow the highest code of conduct and constantly stay within the line of the code of conduct of the Brahmin clan…

2. We, the souls, equal to the Father, are maharathis who make other souls multimillion times fortunate at every step and reveal the Father through our eyes and through blessings… with the mantra of “Whatever I do, others who see me will do the same”, we give teachings to many souls through our forms, and make them elevated by speaking elevated versions…with the powerful seed of karma we get good fruitful results…we are the courageous co-operative worthy teachers who renounce the old relationships and have the fortune of a gift of a lift…

3. We, the souls, take blessings from the Father and the Brahmin family at every step and continue to move constantly forward…we are the respected ones who, by renouncing body consciousness and remaining stable in our self-respect, attain through the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, respect for half the cycle from our subjects, respect for the other half of the cycle from our devotees, and, at the confluence age respect from God Himself….


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