Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 17/08/2013

Slogan: When you constantly maintain pure feelings, the flu of impure feelings will not be able to come even close to you.

Feelings bring flu…By remaining beyond all limits, detached from the body, gross feelings, attachments, inclinations, influences and intentions, we, the souls, become the fragrant spiritual roses in full bloom, who, experience an avyakt stage, unlimited and unshakable love of the Father, and the love of the Brahmin family…

Whatever thoughts I have, whatever attitude I have, the same vibrations will spread into the atmosphere and into numerous souls… We, the souls, finish waste and the burden of sins though the power of yoga, and find solutions for reasons and excuses… we are the world transformers, and the world benefactors who, with pure thinking, pure words, pure actions, pure thoughts, pure feelings and pure wishes for all, and with a powerful attitude spread pure vibrations in the atmosphere and the environment and bring about transformation…

We serve through the mind accurately…we are unlimited servers who have good wishes with soul-conscious feelings, unlimited soul-conscious vision and an attitude of brotherhood…by having benevolent feelings for all, we bring about transformation and definitely receive the fruit…

With the great mantra of Manmanabhav, and by following shrimat, we, the Brahmins of the confluence age, become the most elevated beings following the highest code of conduct… by considering ourselves to be elevated souls, few out of multi millions, deity souls, great souls, special actors, we maintain pure feelings…by not having any impure feelings, we are saved from the illness of any “flu”, that is, saved from labouring…by constantly experiencing ourselves to be sustained by blessings, we attain success in service and become the images of success…


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