Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 15/08/2013

Slogan: In order to experience a constant and stable stage, experience all forms of sweetness through the one Father.

May you be bodiless! Whenever we have the thought “I am bodiless”, we, the souls, reaching perfection, become bodiless easily in a moment… we have attained what we wanted to attain…with the jewels of knowledge and with the power of remembrance, we imbibe every second…we have constant love and are lost in the love for service day and night…we are full of all attainments, and swing on the swing of super sensuous joy…we are the living chatraks, knowledge-full and powerful, the masters of all powers with a right to all blessings, with the intoxication of being victorious….we have the switch of our awareness turned on…we are the constant embodiments of experience, remaining constantly in the sweetness of One, having all experiences through the One, and remaining lost in experience every second, thereby being last so fast, and fast so first… we are the instruments, the lamps of the world showing the path to many, who are constantly respected by the world, and who are constantly benevolent towards the world…

with the power of remembrance, we can focus our intellect and remain in a constant stage in any situation of upheaval, in a tamoguni atmosphere, and during the attacks of maya…by being powerful and with our controlling power, we transform the storms (toofan) of waste thoughts into gifts (tohfa) in one second…

We, the elevated souls, give the Father’s communication, message, instruction, introduction, identification and revelation day and night… we like solitude, we live in solitude, and are the true tapasvis stabilized in a concentrated, economical and a constant stage of the One…we attain success by using the right methods, experience super sensuous joy through remembrance and make the impossible possible… we keep the awareness of our perfect form full of powers emerged every second, attain the power of the sweetness of determined faith and of the practical fruit, and become the embodiments of success…

One Strength + One Faith = One constant stage…We, the souls, like solitude, live in solitude, and are stabilized in a concentrated, economical and a constant stage of the One, constantly unshakable, with no fluctuations…by receiving all powers from the One Father, we become full and complete with powers, experience the sweetness of all relationships and all attainments with the One and become seated on the Father’s heart-throne…


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