Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 14/08/2013

Slogan: A gyani soul is one who understands every secret of knowledge and performs every action while being raazyukt, yuktiyukt and yogyukt.

We, the knowledgeable souls, are raazyukt, yogyukt, and yuktiyukt …(knowers of the secrets of the drama, having accurate yoga, using the right tactic at the right time)….With keenness, zeal and enthusiasm in our thoughts, speech and actions, we become complete, perfect, and yuktiyukt in the field of action… by accumulating marks in the practical papers in all four subjects, by attaining success and revelation, we pass with honours in the final exam…we are the raazyukt shiv shakti pandav army who pay attention to all the powers within ourselves…

We are raazyukt( knowers of all secrets ), yuktiyukt and praiseworthy…while doing our worldly work, living with our family and fulfilling our responsibilities to our relatives and contacts, we make everyone content through our unlimited intellect…we know the secrets of a Godly income and so put aside a special share…we are children who belong to the One, who are economical and free from attractions and temptations, and who use all treasures, time, powers and physical wealth economically and generously for a spiritual task…

By taking one step of courage, we get a thousand steps of help from the Father…we remember the Father with an honest heart in all relationships, become images of experience and get close to the destination of attainment by being double light…instead of being weak, delicate and full of mischief, (naazyukt), we become raazyukt (those who understand all the secrets), yogyutk (those having accurate yoga) and yuktiyukt ( those acting with wisdom)…we are the powerful karmayogis and easy yogis who use all powers as weapons, and who sacrifice and offer the great sacrifice of all weaknesses in a second…

We, the children with an honest heart, please the Lord…we remember the Dilwala Father (One who has won our heart) with our heart, easily become the point form and become worthy of special blessings from the Dilaram Father, the Comforter of Hearts… with the power of truth and by pleasing the Lord, our every thought, word and deed becomes accurate, and we become raazyukt (ones who understand all secrets), yuktiyukt ( ones who are tactful) and yogyukt (ones who are accurate in yoga)….


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