Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 11/08/2013

1. If not now then never! Independence is the birthright of Brahmin life…we, the souls, the children of the Ocean of Happiness, are master oceans of happiness…we remain stabilized in the elevated stage of master almighty authority by going beyond sound…with a right to all attainments, we put a stop to waste thoughts in a second, have the courage to put every direction into the practical form and give the donation of power to the world…we are ever-ready instruments who remain unshakeable in an upheaval…we are flying birds swinging in the swing of super sensuous joy, beyond influence of vices and attractions, and independent of the relationships, nature, and sanskars of the old body…

2. When the children have one thought of courage, the Father has a thousand elevated thoughts of co-operation… we, the special souls, are co-operative in the Father’s task…we make effort our natural nature, and complete the task of world transformation…we are images of experience who experience the instant fruit of the Father’s co-operation by experiencing all attainments as hundred-thousand fold return of one…by sitting in the Father’s lap, we are totally ignorant of what effort is…we are personally in front of the Father, with the Father, close to the Father, equal to the Father, complete, and safe in the Father’s canopy of protection…

3. We, the trikaldarshi souls, the masters of our creations having all rights, make matter and maya subservient… we are Pandavas, the conquerors of Maya, who take blessings from the Father every day at amritvela, and by keeping an unbreakable connection with the Father, throw Maya far away with Godly power…by remaining beyond the cleverness of Maya and becoming victorious, we are deeply loved by the Father…we are special servers who distribute the Father’s love, constantly fill everyone with zeal and enthusiasm and make our treasure store of love overflow……


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