Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 09/08/2013

Raj Tilak:

May you constantly be a bestower of fortune and a bestower of blessings like the Father! May you constantly be a world benefactor and the one who has a right to the kingdom of the world! May you constantly be victorious over Maya, the elements, and all situations!…only the one Father who brings unlimited attainments is my world…“Success is our birthright”…We, the victorious souls, with a sparkling tilak of victory on our forehead, with the flag of victory in our hands, are the instruments to be garlanded with the rosary of victory by all souls…

Our unlimited clock is very large…we now have to return home…We wake up in the early hours of nectar, and remember the one Father time and again with our intellect and soundless chant accurately…by removing the alloy from our soul, we become pure gold…by being yogyukt, we burn our sins in the valuable furnace of yoga and attain liberation and liberation-in-life…Our promise is that we belong to one Shiv Baba and none other…the Father says, Manmanabhav ! your final thoughts will lead you to your destination…we become immortal vice less deities by conquering maya with this mantra that disciplines the mind (vashikaran)…by remembering the Father and the inheritance, we attain the tilak of sovereignty, and by having love in our heart for the one Father, we go from the vicious world to the vice less world…

By being free from anger, free from attachment and free from greed, we keep our tempers very sweet, and do not cause anyone sorrow even by mistake…even when somebody tells us something in anger, we listen from one ear and remove it from the other…we are the worthy children who do not let our physical organs commit any sinful actions…By being obedient, we climb onto the heart of the Mother and Father, and wear a crown, get anointed with a tilak and sit on a royal throne in the future…

We imbibe the sweet points given by the Father’s light of knowledge, do our tasks with love, and become very sweet, like milk and sugar…by remembering the Father and the inheritance we become joyful and remain smiling…we remain as pure as a lotus flower while living in a household…by constantly remembering the Father alone, we absolve our sins in the fire of yoga, remove the alloy and rubbish, make the soul pure gold and receive a pure (kanchan) body in the future… we are full of all divine virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full, completely vice less, the most elevated human beings following the highest code of conduct, doubly non-violent, wearing a crown, anointed with a tilak, and seated on the royal throne of a kingdom…


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