Soul Sustenance – 08/08/2013

Observing My Mind And Its Creation 

Let us experience creating positive thoughts about ourselves and see how long we can maintain them. We must learn to become our own best friend. A positive thought is imagining oneself as a being of peace. Peace is considered as the power and original quality of human beings.

In order to be able to concentrate, let’s imagine a point of light, a small star like point of energy in the centre of the forehead… Let’s focus our attention on this point and begin to create these thoughts: Who am I? Who am I really?

I turn towards my inner self in order to know myself… I am going to observe the screen of my mind for a few moments…

I become aware of the thoughts and images I see on the screen of my mind, but I do not let myself be influenced by them… I simply observe them, and I am gradually going to let them flow… I let go of them, I let them drift away…

I create a space between me and my thoughts, between me and my stream of feelings… I feel at peace and calm, I can choose what I think… The feeling of being able to choose makes me feel stronger…

I am strong, peaceful and calm… I am positive energy… I am a peaceful, calm being: peace is harmony and balance…


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