Soul Sustenance – 03/08/2013

Meditation And Health 

The soul has seven original positive qualities – peace, joy, love, bliss, wisdom, purity and power. In meditation, we create an awareness of ourselves as a soul, which leads to an experience of these qualities. The non-physical soul is closely connected with each cell of the physical body. These qualities of the soul flow as spiritual energy to each cell and nourish them. The mind acts as a sieve (mesh) between this spiritual energy and the body. When the mind creates negative thoughts, the sieve of the mind gets blocked thereby blocking the flow of this spiritual energy to the cells, which leads to disease in a particular organ. Also, as a result of a negative mind set, the immune system gets damaged which attracts toxins, viruses, bacteria, etc. towards cells of the diseased organ, which contributes to the development and worsening of the disease further. Positive thoughts have the reverse effect i.e. an increase in the flow of spiritual energy to the cells of the body and strengthening of the immune system, both of which have a beneficial effect on the body.


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