Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 03/08/2013

Slogan: Only those who serve with a true heart and without any selfish motives are pure and clean souls.

The Lord is pleased with an honest heart… by checking ourselves in a very subtle way and becoming vice less, we, the souls, with the royalty and realty of the personality of purity, make our wireless powerful … we are light in our relationships, connection and stage… in our deeds and in our behaviour, in our nature, sanskars and service we are truthful, honest, clean and clear hearted, transparent, easy, peaceful, cool, tolerant, happy, content, well-mannered, complete and perfect and therefore embodiments of success…we are humble, stainless, polite, brave, free of fear, free of animosity and prove the truth with good manners… with these specialties, we become the priceless, precious, sparkling flawless and valuable diamonds… we uplift the innocent ones, those with stone intellects, and those without virtues, glorify the name of the Father, and attain the inheritance for 21 births as per our effort…by remaining lost and absorbed in the love of the Father, we become pure, holy , highly worship-worthy, satopradhan and karmateet, and so become the emperors and empresses of the 100 percent religious, righteous, law-full and solvent deity government of the golden age, and then the deities worshipped in the temples from the copper age, to which all souls automatically bow down…

We are truthful, honest, clean, clear and transparent in our relationships and connections, thoughts and words, are elevated and successful by being beyond wasteful and the ordinary…in our every step, every moment, and in every vision, we only see altruistic service for all souls…we do service while awake or asleep, while walking or moving around, and even in our dreams, and fulfill all the desires of all souls… we become victorious by making the elements subservient and our servants…by being tireless and unshakable world servers, we become seated on BapDada’s heart-throne, with a guarantee of claiming the throne of the kingdom of the world…


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