Murli Essence – 03/08/2013

Essence: Sweet children, when you go into the lap of the Father, this world ends. Your next birth will be in the new world and this is why there is the saying, “When you die, the world is dead to you.”

Question: On the basis of which one custom can you prove the incarnation of the Father?

Answer: The custom of feeding departed spirits every year has continued in Bharat. They invoke a soul into a brahmin priest and speak to that soul. They ask the departed soul if he has any desires. The body doesn’t come back, just the soul comes back. This too is fixed in the drama. Just as a soul can enter, in the same way, God’s incarnation takes place. You children can explain and prove this.

Song: To live in Your lane and to die in Your lane.

Essence for dharna: 
1. Follow the mother and father and do the service of making others like yourselves. Become spinners of the discus of self-realisation and make others the same.
2. In order to become a garland around the neck of the Father, remember the Father with your intellect. Don’t make any sound. Constantly stay in remembrance.

Blessing: May you remain constantly happy by merging all treasures within yourself and remain free from becoming disheartened or jealous

BapDada has given all of you children all the treasures equally. However, some are unable to merge those attainments in themselves or they do not know how to use those attainments at the right time and so success is therefore not visible to them and they then become disheartened with themselves and think that perhaps their fortune is like that. Then, seeing the speciality or fortune of others, they become jealous. Those who become disheartened or jealous in this way can never be happy. In order to remain constantly happy, become free from both of these things.

Slogan: Only those who serve with a true heart and without any selfish motives are pure and clean souls.


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