Murli Essence – 02/08/2013

Essence: Sweet children, you should have the intoxication that the Father Himself has awakened your fortune and that you have now become instruments to awaken the sleeping fortune of Bharat.

Question: Who can constantly laugh and jump with joy?

Answer: 1. Those who keep themselves busy in service day and night. 2. Those who never sulk with the Mother and Father. If you sulk with each other or with the Mother and Father and stop studying, you won’t be able to laugh and jump with joy. Maya slaps such children. Those who make everyone laugh can never sulk with anyone.

Song: You are the fortune of tomorrow.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become the Father’s helpers and claim a prize from Him. You have to glorify the name of the Satguru. You mustn’t have Him defamed.
2. Don’t allow there to be conflict among you. Let only jewels and not stones always emerge from your mouth. You mustn’t sulk but make everyone laugh.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of all attainments and give everyone an experience of peace and power through your vibrations of spiritual happiness.

The vibrations of spiritual happiness on the faces of those who are embodiments of all attainments and full of all Godly attainments reach all souls and they also experience peace and power. A tree laden with fruit gives human beings the experience of coolness under its shade and they thereby become happy. In the same way, the vibrations of your happiness through the shade of your attainments give your body and mind the experience of peace and power.

Slogan: Those who are embodiments of remembrance experience any adverse situation to be a game.


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