Soul Sustenance – 01/08/2013

The Consciousness Switchover (cont.) 

Given below are few simple methods which help us in the process of rising above action or role consciousness and make the task of switching of consciousness to a spiritual one, easy.

1. Every hour, stop for a few seconds and note down in a small diary, which you carry with yourself through the day, to what extent, in the hour that has just gone by; you have maintained the light and detached awareness of yourself as a soul, a being of peaceful and blissful light, situated at the centre of the forehead, playing its part through the physical body costume and the physical role costume and seeing others the same way. If you haven’t had any awareness, that’s fine: the light reminder will help you remain attentive for the next one hour period. This will over a period of time become an easy, natural and enjoyable exercise, which is very relaxing.

2. Every 2-3 hours, stop whatever you are doing for a 3-4 minutes and turn your attention within, creating an awareness and feeling of the soul, but a very deep one. Remind yourself of your spiritual relationship or your relationship on a soul level with the Father of the soul, the Supreme Being or God. Experience the relationship. At centres of the Brahma Kumaris and even at their homes and workplaces, the members of the Brahma Kumaris around the world, follow this exercise. Where it’s feasible, music is played at these times to make the break effective and soothing. This exercise is called ‘traffic control’, because the peace experienced in this exercise helps you become aware of the traffic of your thoughts and slow it down, reducing the risk of accidents that are caused due to internal mental clashes as well as clashes with the variety sanskaras or personality traits of people whom you come in contact with.

3. Every time you eat or drink something i.e. you nourish the body, along with that sustain the soul with spiritual thoughts, above the mundane or ordinary. These spiritual thoughts could be based on something positive that you have read in the morning at the start of the day.


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