Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 01/08/2013

Slogan: Those who remain constantly happy are loved by the self and by everyone.

God Himself has chosen us… we, the souls, having found the Unlimited Father, and by keeping the diamond key of the word “Baba” with us, attain unlimited fortune of the kingdom, and unlimited treasures…with unlimited spiritual intoxication, we experience and give others the experience of super sensuous joy … with our name mentioned in God’s dictionary of “Who’s who”, we are prosperous, have the fortune of happiness and good kismet that radiates on our face…

By remaining constantly happy and distributing the treasures of happiness, we, the souls, do real service…. we are karmayogis with elevated awareness and elevated stage, who create an elevated atmosphere by having yoga in karma and karma in yoga…

After having studied the Vedas, the scriptures, the Granth, the Geeta, the Gayatri mantra (the sacred verse) , done penance and tapasya fruitlessly, we are joyful to have heart-to-heart conversations with the Father, have the permanent happiness of attaining the mastery of the world, and the intoxication of the attaining the sovereignty of heaven…

We are the karmayogis seated on the immortal throne, that is, we are the masters of the self who have a right to the Father’s inheritance of the fortune of the kingdom…by being constantly seated on the immortal throne, we keep our physical senses under law and order and perform elevated and accurate actions, and eat instant fruits of joy and power, and by loving the Brahmin culture, we are loved by the Father Brahma and by everyone…


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