Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 31/07/2013

Slogan: Give everyone the experience of happiness and comfort through your vibrations of peace and happiness and only then will you be called a true server.

We, the souls, are master bestowers of happiness, master bestowers of peace and master bestowers of knowledge, ever ready all-round servers…by being full of all treasures , we are content…by being content, we make others content and equal to ourselves… we are the peaceful and happy jewels of contentment with good nature and sanskars, who make the Father content, the lokik and alokik family content and attain 3 certificates…

We transform the atmosphere with our pure and benevolent and spiritual attitude and make it powerful…we are the embodiments of experience who give many desperate souls that are calling out, and who are wandering around without any destination, a drop of happiness, peace and power and blessings and thereby making them satisfied…we quench the thirst of the souls who have been thirsty for many births, show everyone the right destination, and give them the experience of bliss, power and peace…

We give the experience of the powers of peace, love, happiness and bliss through our drishti as a great donor and an image that grants blessings… through our face we give vibrations and the experience of divinity though our eyes…we are the great donors and the images that grant blessings who give power and receive power though drishti…

We are the easy yogis who emerge the powers, the knowledge and virtues, happiness, peace, bliss and love, and all the different attainments received from God in our intellects, and experience happiness… we become deities from Brahmins…we attain liberation-in-life, in one second, which is, the inheritance of peace and happiness, the fruit…we transfer from the kingdom of Ravan to the kingdom of Ram and become pure from impure…


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