Soul Sustenance – 27/07/2013

Experiencing The Light, Power And Love Of The Spiritual Sun 

Experience of the Supreme Soul (God) – the Spiritual Sun as an energy that heals and cleans the self with his light, power and love : 

I relax. I calm my mind and breathing… I imagine a beautiful beam of white light coming out from the centre of my forehead… It leaves me and goes beyond this room towards space… I feel that I am a sparkling star floating… detached from my body and surroundings…My consciousness is transported in that beam of light towards a space without limits… beyond the sun, the moon and the stars… It is a dimension of infinite light, beyond time… where there is silence and absolute quietness… I see myself, a star like energy floating in that ocean of light… In that ocean there are many different kinds of waves… waves that are not of water, but rather waves of light… Some waves carry peace… others love… others happiness… I bathe in these waves… I allow myself to be carried by these waves… I feel how my mind is filling up with so much light and strength… On the screen of my mind, I can visualize where those luminous waves come from…

In front of me there appears a Being of Light that is silent and strong like the sun in a clear sky… It is a generous light… sweet… and loving… There is nothing to be afraid of… It sends me rays of light that melt my fears and weaken my resistances… It is like a magnet that takes me towards the depth of that ocean of Light… I feel that my nature is light… All the thoughts of the physical world disappear. Only this world is real… I feel a healing energy of love that penetrates my thoughts… It penetrates my feelings… I feel bathed by that love… revitalized by that love… Love… Power… Light… All these beautiful waves… intense… come to me from this Spiritual Sun, the Supreme Soul who resides in that infinite space of silence…


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