Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 27/07/2013

Slogan: Run fast in the race of remembrance and you will become a garland around the Father’s neck and a bead of the rosary of victory.

Garlands around the Father’s neck:

“The souls and the Supreme Soul remained apart for a very long time… a beautiful mela was created when the Satguru met with the dalal (broker, Brahma Baba)”……By running the race of the intellect, we, the star like souls, the soul conscious children of the Godly clan, become the garlands around the Father’s neck…By sitting in silence and by withdrawing like a tortoise and spinning the discus of self-realization, we become ever-healthy and ever-wealthy…By finishing all attachment to the old world, to the old body, and to the old costume, by becoming bodiless, by remembering the Father, the Saccharine of all relationships with a lot of love, we absolve our sins and become the destroyers of attachment…By maintaining a chart of remembrance, and by attaining powers from the Father, we consider the attacks of maya to be gifts, remain undefeated and become the beads in the rosary of victory…We are the gopes and gopis of Gopi Vallabh who remember the Heavenly God Father with a lot of intoxication and swing on the swing of super sensuous joy…


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