Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 26/07/2013

Slogan: To transform the wasteful intentions of many souls into elevated intentions is real service.

We, the renunciate and tapaswi children, merged in the Father’s eyes and heart, constantly remain close (paas) to Him, pass the past, and pass with honours… with the power to accommodate and with the power to make others equal to the Father, we, the master oceans, make others equal to the Father…we do not have the slightest trace of gross feelings about any situation still remaining even in our thoughts, or vision or awareness…by transforming the words that have caused a loss into benevolent feelings, by transforming someone’s defect into a virtue in a second, by transforming loss into benefit, defamation into praise, we become self-benefactors and like the Father, world benefactors…we are the loving and co-operative sparkling stars who constantly remain absorbed in the Father and in service…we keep an elevated aim, make a deal with the Father, bring the Father in the corporeal form, come last and go first……


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