Murli Essence – 26/07/2013

Essence: Sweet children, you now have to become pure, living beings (embodied souls). No one at this time is a pure, living being and no one can therefore call himself a mahatma (great soul).

Question: Which children receive the prize of the golden-aged kingdom?

Answer: Those who claim number one in the race of remembrance by following shrimat receive the prize of the kingdom. If you race fast, you have a good name in the register and claim a right to the prize. You children become far-sighted and race far away. You reach your goal (the supreme abode) in a second and come back again. It is in your intellects that you will first go into liberation and then into liberation-in-life. No one else can race like you.

Song: At last the day for which we had been waiting has come!

Essence for dharna:
1. Become far-sighted, know the three worlds and the three aspects of time and race with your intellect. Become liberated from this dirty world and dirty body.
2. Erase the habit of telling lies. Never disobey shrimat thereby doing disservice.

Blessing: May you constantly have the fortune of happiness and make many souls prosperous with the treasures of happiness.

Those who remain constantly happy are said to have the fortune of happiness and they make many souls prosperous through their treasures of happiness. Nowadays, everyone specially needs the treasures of happiness. They have everything else, but they do not have any happiness. All of you have received a mine of happiness. You have various treasures of happiness. So, simply become a master of these treasures and use them for the self and others and you will experience yourself to be prosperous.

Slogan: To transform the wasteful intentions of many souls into elevated intentions is real service.


One response to “Murli Essence – 26/07/2013

  1. BABA’s murli is the food of our soul. Its indeed as assentil diet as the diet for the body. So thanks for this service.

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