Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 25/07/2013

Divine Life:

We, the souls, with a divine life, are Brahmins of the confluence age with the elevated decoration of divinity…we are divine idols having divine thoughts, speaking divine words and performing divine actions…by using our body mind and wealth in this special way, we give many souls the experience of divinity, that is, being beyond ordinary through their every action…

having received the blessings of : “May you be pure, may you be a yogi”, as soon as we take alokik birth through Brahma, we receive sustenance in the form of love and purity from the senior mother …we constantly swing in the swing of happiness, and hear the lullaby of becoming the embodiment of all virtues, the embodiment of knowledge, and the embodiments of happiness and peace…by keeping the importance of this life in our awareness, we the elevated children, the Brahmakumars and the Brahmakumaris, play our special parts, our hero parts, on the unlimited stage of the world…

We surrender everything to the Father while looking after our responsibilities…we finish ordinariness by making divinity and spirituality the decoration of our lives…we become double light by saying “Ha ji” and placing our steps in the steps of Bapdada’s orders and receive God’s blessings through all relationships…

With the spiritual sparkle of happiness visible on our faces, we increase the power of silence in our account of accumulation…by knowing the importance of drishti, we accumulate power in ourselves with the Father’s divine drishti, give it to others at their time of need and claim a right to an elevated status…

We give the experience of the powers of peace, love, happiness and bliss through our drishti as a great donor and an image that grants blessings… through our face we give vibrations and the experience of divinity though our eyes…we are the great donors and the images that grant blessings who give power and receive power though drishti…


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