Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 24/07/2013


By belonging to the Supreme Soul, by being lost in the love of the Supreme Soul, by being intoxicated in the love of the Supreme Soul, by being absorbed in the love of the Supreme Soul, we, the souls, forget the world of sorrow, get all desires fulfilled and become the masters of the treasure store full of happiness and peace… we are the destroyers of obstacles, finishing obstacles with the powers of peace and patience…

We, the souls, with faith in the intellect continue to move along while being detached from the consciousness of “mine”…we become stable in the stage of being a detached observer, have alokik feelings for the lokik, continue to give souls co-operation of peace and power, and become double servers and trustees…

remain alert with our powerful vibrations and fill everyone with the courage of peace and tolerance…we give everyone the light of peace by being a light house…we fill cool water in the burning fire of sorrow… we are the spiritual social workers who give spiritual re-assurance at a fast speed…

We, the souls, liberate souls fearing untimely death by giving them the news of happiness of how they can be liberated from untimely death for 21 births…we give them immortal knowledge and experience make them immortal through which they will be saved from untimely death birth after birth… we are powerful servers who give souls the experience of happiness and comfort and through our vibrations of peace and happiness…

We, the souls, reveal the aim and qualifications for making the self into stars of success…we receive peace, happiness and prosperity of the jewels of knowledge from the Father as our birthright…we have a right to all powers, a right to all attainments from the Father, and a right over the incorporeal world (Brahmand) and the corporeal world…we are the victorious stars who attain victory over Maya and matter…



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