Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 22/07/2013

Safe :

We, the souls, the ancestors of all human souls, the foundation and the roots of the entire tree, the first creations of the Highest-on-high Father, are Brahmins, the greatest of all ancestors…by having faith (nishchay) and intoxication (nasha) of being the elders and ancestors, we remain happy…by becoming the children of Baba, we remain safe from the spinning (chakkar) and chakr-vyuha ( a military formation in a circular grid) of Maya under His canopy of protection…

We become the conquerors of Maya in a fast way…with the canopy of protection of “the Father and I”, the line of safety, we merge in the Father’s heart, are beyond words like effort, obstructions, and obstacles, and are safe from the attacks of Maya…

We perform every task by stabilizing ourselves in the form of an angel, like Brahma Baba…by keeping our thoughts, attitude and vision double light, we become the walking and moving angels sparkling like diamonds…by keeping our form of an angel in our awareness every day at amritvela, we swing in Brahma Baba’s arms in super sensuous joy, and get big-big hugs…we become victorious by remaining safe in the canopy of protection of the Father in any adverse situation…

We are number one in the subject of love, are seated on Bapdada’s heart-throne, and remain safe from the storms of Maya and matter under His canopy of protection …we move forward with the power of love, and with the flight of love we get close to the Father in body, mind and heart… we remain close to the Father with love, pass through all situations easily, and pass with honour…


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