Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 18/07/2013


We, the souls, full of zeal and enthusiasm, remember both the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, and our fortune, and make others fortunate…we are the generous hearted great donors, the children of the Bestower, who distribute our fortune and enable others to receive attainments…

We, the souls, the adopted children of the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, sitting in the Father’s heart and merged in the Father’s eyes are happy …we are the fortunate ones who receive fortune from the Father for the whole cycle only at this time, and we increase it by sharing it…

By remaining constantly happy and distributing the treasures of happiness, we, the souls, do real service…. we are karmayogis with elevated awareness and elevated stage, who create an elevated atmosphere by having yoga in karma and karma in yoga…

We are the children of the Bestower who share and donate the infinite treasures received from the Father to our relations and connections through our thoughts and words every day, and use them in a worthwhile way…

We, the souls, do very fast service by serving the co-operative souls, preparing the land, and then sowing the seeds of the unlimited task…whether someone is a hard worker or has a planning intellect, we give everyone their own duties and a chance to do service … we are chancellors, the instruments glorified within the Brahmin family, distributing the prasad of service, keeping the younger ones in front and keeping everyone busy in service…

We, the souls, like the Father, are Bestowers…through the vibration of our every thought, through the spiritual glance of one second, through one second’s connection and through one word, we make any unhappy soul experiencing sorrow happy and joyful and swing with happiness…our duty is to give happiness and to receive happiness… as well as being those who receive, we are also bestowers at every second…we are world benefactors who become world emperors distributing the treasures for world benefit…


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