Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 14/07/2013

1. You may have to die but do not lose your religion at any cost…We, the souls, with the dharma and dharna of complete purity, are the mouth-born creations of Brahma…we are the true and complete Brahmins with courage and full faith, and without the slightest trace of impurity in our thoughts or dreams… we are the elevated Brahmins in our original form with the dharna of dharma and karma, stabilized in our religion and karma, same as the Father…by creating the yagya and keeping the mantra of Manmanbhav in our intellect, we sacrifice our old thoughts, nature and sanskaras in the great sacrificial fire…we sacrifice ourselves completely and make the final offering of finishing the consciousness of “I” in our thoughts and in our dreams and merge into the Father…we are the instruments for the completion of the yagya, for world transformation through self transformation, who merge into the Supreme Soul with the complete stage…

2. We, the souls, renounce, tolerate, and face something for our religion and dharna with happiness and courage in all situations, without moving backwards and without being afraid… we are true renunciates beyond name, fame and regard, who do not consider renunciation to be renunciation, but to be fortune…

3. We, the souls, experience receiving power from Bapdada and His remembrance while sitting afar, and experience waves of happiness when receiving the Father’s directions through a message or through thoughts…by catching the divine activity though the power of concentration, we experience moving along with the waves of the ocean of knowledge…we are powerful servers with thoughts of the original self and of self-realisation, who go to the bottom of the ocean and bring invaluable jewels…we donate through our drishti, and take others beyond with a glance…we are light houses and might houses with the unique power of concentration, with the ability of stopping something in a second…we hear the drums of victory, and reveal the Almighty Authority through the Shaktis…

4. We, the souls, remain constantly in front of the Sun of Knowledge and know the significance of the three aspects of time…we are those with knowledge of the three aspects of time, and therefore never get upset and always remain happy…we are trikaldarshi, seated on a high throne of being knowledge-full, with the shadow of fortune with us…we are contented and embodiments of virtues, checking and changing and showing wonders….we are yogi and knowledgeable souls with dreams of the of the new world and new life…by receiving the blessings of “May you be a constant yogi” and “May you be pure”, we constantly experience these blessings in our lives…by becoming pure and bidding farewell to all vices and by being constant yogis, we become embodiments of power and worthy of worship…


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