Murli Essence – 08/07/2013

Essence: Sweet children, don’t commit a sin and then hide it. A lot of punishment is accumulated by those who hide their sins and secretly sit in a gathering. Therefore, remain cautious. Never make the great mistake of indulging in vice.

Question: By keeping which aim constantly in front of you will you continue to move forward in your efforts?

Answer: Aim to become a worthy child of the Mother and Father and seated on the heart-throne. Follow the Father at every step. Don’t perform any such activity through which you would become someone who defames the name of the clan. Such worthy children consider themselves to be pilgrims and remain constantly on the pilgrimage. Pilgrims never become impure on a pilgrimage. If someone is influenced by vice, he becomes completely crushed and all truth is destroyed and he becomes very unhappy.

Song: Do not forget the days of your childhood

Essence for dharna:
1. We are now on a pilgrimage, and we therefore have to move along very cautiously. We definitely have to remain pure.
2. Become egoless, like the Father. We have to go to Baba. Therefore, remove your attachment from everyone. Talk to yourself and remain cheerful.

Blessing: May you constantly be an embodiment of tapasya and attain success in service through the co-operation of renunciation and tapasya.

A server means an embodiment of renunciation and tapasya. With the co-operation of both renunciation and tapasya, you always have success in service. Tapasya is to belong to the one Father and none other. Continue to do this tapasya constantly and your service place will become a tapasya-kund (a place of tapasya). Create such a tapasya-kund that moths go there by themselves. Powerful souls will be revealed by serving through the mind. Now transform the land through your thoughts. This is the method of expansion.

Slogan: Cool down the fire of anger with the powers of humility and patience.


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