Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 06/07/2013

Slogan: Respect

We, the loving and co-operative souls, are the most elevated servers respectful to all, who do service through our words, through our connections, through different facilities and instruments, and who donate every virtue and make others virtuous, and colour others with our company…

We finish the defects in others with the power of our own virtues, make the weak ones powerful, give respect to hopeless cases, and look at the young or the old, the maharathis or infantry, with respect…we are those who give regard and respect to all… we give respect to those who do not give us respect, we give destination to those who constantly reject others, and make those who defame others into ones who praise others…we are virtuous souls who garland those who defame us with garlands of virtues…

by attaining the high destination of a yogi life, we transform defamation into admiration, insult into praise, rejection into regard, humiliation into self-respect, harm into upliftment, and are constantly victorious like the father… we are one of the eight, most elevated special deities…

We have the switch of our awareness turned on…we are the constant embodiments of experience, remaining constantly in the sweetness of One, having all experiences through the One, and remaining lost in experience every second, thereby being last so fast, and fast so first… we are the instruments, the lamps of the world showing the path to many, who are constantly respected by the world, and who are constantly benevolent towards the world….

Our every thought is filled with service for world benefit, our every word is constructive, filled with humility and greatnessIn our awareness, we have intoxication of being the unlimited masters of the world on one hand, and on the other hand we are world servers…on one hand we have intoxication of all rights, and on the other hand, we are respectful to all, and like the Father, bestowers and bestowers of blessings…


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