Murli Essence – 06/07/2013

Essence: Sweet children, in order to claim your inheritance of liberation-in-life from the Father, become free from all the bondages of Maya. Only those who are liberated in life here can claim the status of liberation-in-life there.

Question: How is the seed of this knowledge imperishable?

Answer: The sun and moon dynasty kingdoms are established through this knowledge. The kingdom is very big. Even though souls who have taken knowledge might leave the path of knowledge in the middle, they still come back at the end because they too have to come into the kingdom. Those who have had even the slightest seed of knowledge sown in them will come; they cannot go anywhere else. This aspect proves knowledge to be imperishable.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become true heirs, you have to become sensible. Imbibe the study very well and become knowledge-full. Become praiseworthy like the Father.
2. In order to become the most elevated in the rosary of victory, continue to cut away the bondage of Maya. Become very, very brave and courageous and definitely become pure.

Blessing: May you be worthy to be worshipped by all by constantly staying in an elevated stage instead of asking for regard.

Some children think that they are moving forward and that others are not giving them the regard of moving forward. However, instead of asking for regard, have regard for your own self and others will automatically have regard. To have regard for your own self means to experience yourself being a constantly great and elevated soul. When an idol is in its position, it is worthy to be worshipped. Similarly, when you remain constantly stable in your elevated position, you will become worthy to be worshipped. Everyone will give regard to you by themselves.

Slogan: Only those who reject Maya are respected by all.


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