Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 04/07/2013

Slogan: Subservient

Those who accept success disregard God’s miracles…We, the souls, do not accept any position or any object from any person…we do not accept any success that we have achieved through knowledge and yoga in the form of regard and honour…we become the embodiments of renunciation by renouncing praise, renouncing respect, renouncing nature, the servant and by using the right methods…by not having the thought of accepting success, by staying in the love of the one Father, we become the constant embodiments of tapasya … by performing every action in a trikaldarshi stage, by putting less effort and achieving greater success, by being perfect in all subjects, by making dust gold, we become the servers who are embodiments of success…

The Lord is pleased with an honest heart…We, the elevated souls, are truthful, honest, clean, clear and transparent in our relationships and connections, thoughts and words, and are successful by being beyond wasteful and the ordinary…in our every step, every moment, and in every vision, we only see altruistic service for all souls…we do service while awake or asleep, while walking or moving around, and even in our dreams, and fulfill all the desires of all souls… we become victorious by making the elements subservient and our servants…by being tireless and unshakable servers, we become seated on BapDada’s heart-throne, with a guarantee of claiming the throne of the kingdom of the world…


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