Murli Essence – 04/07/2013

Essence: Sweet children, sustain one another with knowledge by exchanging jewels of knowledge. Live with one another with great love.

Question: On what basis can you maintain limitless happiness while ill or when going through the suffering of karma?

Answer: Instil the habit of churning the ocean of knowledge. If any suffering of karma comes or an illness occurs, tell yourself: I have now completed my part of 84 births. This is an old shoe. I have to settle my old karmic accounts and I will then become free from all types of illness for 21 births. There is great happiness when one becomes free from any type of illness.
Song: Mother, O Mother, you are the Bestower of Fortune for the world!

Essence for dharna:
1. Consider yourself to be a master seed, withdraw from your sense organs and practise sitting in silence.
2. Churn the ocean of knowledge and remain happy. Settle the old suffering of your karma with happiness. Talk to yourself: I have completed 84 births and am now going to Baba.

Blessing: May you be a destroyer of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance and remain constant and stable by making the Father belong to you in all relationships.

In order to become a destroyer of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance, make the Father belong to you in all relationships. Your intellect should not be attached to anyone in any physical relationship. If there is any attachment anywhere, the intellect will wander. You would sit down to remember the Father but you would instead remember that to which you are attached. Some have attachment to money, some to their jewellery, some to their relationships. Wherever your attachment is, your intellect will go there. If your intellect repeatedly goes to something, you cannot then remain constant and stable.

Slogan: Make nature your servant (daasi) and unhappiness (udaasi) will run far away.


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