Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 01/07/2013

Slogan: Garland

When the Satguru gave the ointment of knowledge, the darkness of ignorance was dispelled…by looking at the Dilwala Temple, Achal Ghar (the home of stability) and Guru Shikhar, our accurate memorials of the confluence age, we, the souls, make the satopradhan effort of staying in remembrance of the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge…we are the intense effort makers who climb to the top by getting decorated with knowledge, and by becoming immovable and unshakable, we become a rosary around the neck of Rudra… we imbibe the imperishable jewels of knowledge in order to go to Guru Shikhar (the Supreme Abode) and the unlimited in-law’s home while sitting in our unlimited parent’s home, fill our aprons for 21 births, and make effort at a fast speed in super sensuous joy…

We the multi, multi, multimillion times lucky souls, are the elevated souls, the great souls and the deity souls…we are the special souls who attain the practical, instant fruit of special service, and are the beads, the sparkling diamonds of the garland around the Father’s neck …we are the few out of multimillions who know, and realize the Father, recognize Him with the power of discernment, and who say “My Baba” from our heart…

We, the victorious souls, with a sparkling tilak of victory on our forehead, with the flag of victory in our hands, are the instruments to be garlanded with the rosary of victory by all souls… with a clean heart our desires get fulfilled and we become full of all attainments… we are loving, constantly merged in the love for the Father, and merged in the Ocean of Love… with garlands of remembrances, with the sweet music of thoughts, with the sweet pearls of love, we become the garland around the Father’s neck and merge in His heart…

“The souls and the Supreme Soul remained apart for a very long time… a beautiful mela was created when the Satguru met with the dalal (broker, Brahma Baba)”……By running the race of the intellect, we, the star like souls, the soul conscious children of the Godly clan, become the garlands around the Father’s neck…

We are a few out of multimillions, who, by belonging to the Father attain an inheritance, by becoming unlimited sanyasis attain the unlimited sovereignty, by wearing a garland of peace around the neck with silence, become the beads on the rosary…

We, the crowns on the Father’s head, the sparkling jewels, the garlands around the Father’s neck, are Bapdada’s decorations…we are equal to the Father and sparkle like master suns of knowledge…we spread the rays of all our powers in all four directions in the limitless world … with the sparkle of all colours radiating the beauty of the variety of colours and sparkling in the centre of the crown, we are the elevated beauty of the crown…


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