Soul Sustenance – 30/06/2013

Anger Management And Prevention 

How often has your anger ever made any positive difference to situations? Probably never.

Have you ever noticed that when you get angry with someone it seems to push them away, they go into hiding, they go underground, and then it’s not possible to influence them and help them to change.

Then some people think, that if you don’t get angry about anything and with anyone you might as well lie down and be a doormat, one on which anyone can walk over. Well you could if you think doormat is a role you would like to play, but it’s not compulsory. You could be assertive (confidently aggressive in a positive sense or self-assured) instead of angry. You are fortunate to have an intellect that knows the way to differentiate between right and wrong, you are human so you have the ability to be understanding and compassionate (merciful), and you have a unique contribution to make to this game called life. So why not do something to help situations become better by applying the qualities of generosity, kindness and mercy instead of becoming angry? If you care about the situation so much what are you waiting for? Trouble is, the angry person is a bit like the compulsive complainer about situations. If you complain (get upset) about situations it means you have an image of how you would prefer things to be but you are not prepared to actually do something about it.


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