Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study – 28/06/2013

Slogan: Whatever actions others see us perform, they will do the same… By being generous hearted in service, by using the right methods to attain success, we, the big hearted souls, are the samples and examples of making the impossible tasks possible… by belonging to God, by following the Godly directions, and by making effort, we attain a high status…we are free of anger, free of attachment and free of greed, and interact with each other like milk and sugar …we do service without being told, with a true heart, cool mind and an easy nature…we follow orders, are obedient, faithful, trustworthy, and very interested and enthusiastic about doing service…

We are the incognito Shiv Shakti army…we connect our yoga with the Almighty Authority Father, take power from Shiv Baba and become victorious over the five evil spirits…We are the obedient and faithful children with faith in the intellect… by forgetting the consciousness of the old body, that is, the old shoe, by becoming soul conscious, by having no feelings in the heart left for the world that is a mirage, by remaining beyond, by becoming unlimited renunciates, and by remembering the sweet home and the sweet kingdom, we return home with the Father…

We remain constantly co-operative for every task, become the Father’s right hand, and are always obedient and ever-ready…while living with our families, we remain beyond the attitude of householders, and while interacting with everyone, we pay attention to our alokik interaction… we are the beloved children, the worthy children, children who are the decorations of the world, who receive from the Father the blessings of being master bestowers of blessings and master bestowers of fortune…

By being embodiments of knowledge, we renounce our thoughts… we do not renounce out of compulsion or according to the circumstances or the code of conduct. ..we are tapaswis, constantly absorbed in the Father’s love, merged in the Ocean of Love, merged in the Ocean of Knowledge, Bliss, Happiness and Peace…we are servers who enable everyone reach their position and receive a fortune…by remaining obedient to the Father we receive incognito blessings and help at the right time… by being a co-charioteers, we give the experience of the loving and detached stage and become number one embodiments of success…

We finish ordinariness by making divinity and spirituality the decoration of our lives…we become double light by saying “Ha ji” and placing our steps in the steps of Bapdada’s orders and receive God’s blessings through all relationships… we are the obedient souls who follow shrimat at every step, follow all orders and put every order in a practical form…by keeping the awareness of being a creator, we become soul conscious, with rights over Maya…we are the embodiments of awareness of having all rights and are the masters of the world…


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